Hvar is an island continent in the mediterranean sea. The culture, people. history and cuisine are composed into my events  and tours.  I tune them to present Hvar in a  local way.    



I have been collecting the stories 

and originalities from Hvar since 

my childhood. The old book ,  Har, issued  in 1925, written by Dr. Grga Novak, was attractive familly reading and it has been provoking  disscussions. Specially interesting were  these  about the time of the Old  Greeks. My father’s family has been living on Hvar    for rmore then 500 years.   


I am 57, I can speak english, german, slovenian, croatian fluently and Italian I can use. 

I love traveling myself, working with the guests, listening to their comments, questions. Threfore I start my    events and tours 

with a few minutes time- run introductory  of Hvar.


My Tour guide licence is  fm 2010.