The town of Hvar, embraces us by its architecture and takes us to Pjaca- the stage of  the world history. Demetrius of Hvar, pirates, crusaders, fishermen,

the Renaissance 

passion, captains, Hanibal with Slavegirl, the character of globals from Hvar and the fashion of Empress Elizabeth are comming on the stage …  The first open-air theatre in Europe, opened in Hvar in the 17th century, is only the consequency of the  city culture and its character.

Democracy with free farmers and citizens  created an indipendant character eight hundered years ago.  It run original and very open economy. All the town was working very well.How? The tour will answer.

Hvar has Zvir, the dragon and  romantique atmosphere.

Governorzvir-2s, crusaders, merchants, fishermen, peasant, pirates, artists, priests, spies, scientists, craftsmen, lawyers and others have contributed to its economy, ethics, culture and art.

Thank them. 


 1. 30 min,   90 kn/ person,   orientational tour with a cup of coffee by Empress Elisabeth

2. 60 min, 150,00 kn/ person, city tour;

3. 150 min,  390,00 kn/ per person ( entrance fee not included)

city tour with both fortress and the st. Franciscus Monastry;

                                                                                                                         tel. 00395 92 212 44 08

English, German, Slovene, Croatian are spoken