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The town ofvenet masque Hvar is a theatre. It was built like a theatre more  then 600 years ago, by purpose. But expressing by acting has been present  on Hvar  since ancient times.  Hvar is famous for The First Communal Theatre in Europe, built  400 years ago. The ordinary people of Hvar has deserved it. How and why? The tour will answer.

Democracy with free farmers and citizens from Hvar created an indipendant character eight hundered years ago.  They took a real care of economy. All the town was working very well.How? The tour will answer.


Hvar has Zvir, the dragon. Zvir  has  archipelago and  cocreate the Romantique atmosphere of Hvar.

How? The tour will show.

Governorzvir-2s, crusaders, merchants, fishermen, pirates, artists, priests, spies, scientists, craftsmen, lawyers and others have contributed to its economy, ethics, culture andart.

Thank them.                                                                                          doris.tudor@gmail.com                                   tel. 00395 92 212 44 08

English, German, Slovene, Croatian are spoken


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