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The Island of Hvar  is green, nice smelling and has springs of fresh water. It is inhabited for more then seven tousand years. Therefore we could find very different people in the middle of the sea – the real island continent. The places are charmy and made by size of Mediterranean. The architecture is diversifying from place to place. Economy is oversized for an island market. But demand and supply could meet them easily and strech over the sea.
The culture of home, local cuisine and wine fit to Mediterranean but follows the local values.

We  have designed a continent tour for  you. Later you could  easily explore Hvar on your own.

6 hrs,   Price: 680,00 kns (transportation, guided exploring,  very local  dish, two snacks, two glasses of wine, fruit are included)

Alavia recommens : comfortable shoes (sandals for the walking in town and walking shoes for the country side), a hat, sun glasses, sun block cream, long sleeves.

For yr inquieries and orders, plse, use the below contact form.

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