It is easy, to walk on Hvar! The green,  smells and springs of fresh water attracts you. By using the pooles  40% of your weight is brought by them. You release your knees, hips and walk easily by proper using of pooles. We could show you how.

The culture of home, heritage, local cuisine, olive oil and wine will accompany us on our walks. Everything is made by the size of a man! Therefore you feel free like being on the proper place. You can easily recover your energy.

We  have designed three walking tours with local guide for heritage and coach:

  1. Walking through olives

  2. Walking through lavander

  3. Walking and correcting posture


3-4 hrs,  600,00 kn  (transportation, guided tour,   two snacks, two glasses of wine, fruit are included)

Alavia recommens : comfortable shoes (sandals for the walking in town and walking shoes for the country side), a hat, sun glasses, sun block cream, long sleeves.


For yr inquieries and orders, plse, use the below contact form.

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